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The ex-husband did not appreciate the artist’s efforts.

Ani Lorak admitted that she had to get into debt for the sake of her careless lover. However, such sacrifice did not bear fruit.

We are talking about the Turk Murat Nalcagioglu. The actress decided to help her lover get used to it. Knowing about his dream to have his own restaurant, Lorak in love immediately found the money.

“I helped him open a restaurant, he had a dream. I borrowed half a million dollars for his business, because when you love a person, you don’t ask questions, you just love, “the singer admitted, justifying her risk and spending on her Turkish husband in the studio of the program. “The Fate of Man”.

However, Murat could not appreciate the efforts of his wife. After a while, the union fell apart.

A family psychologist talking to PopCornNews Natalia Naumova explained why such generous help from a woman is fraught:

“A man loves to win and win. And if he feels that the girl helped him, and he owes her now, it can be bad for their relationship. As a result, he may harbor resentment or even retaliate, even though it helped. ”

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