Ani Lorak paid dearly for her silence

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The singer lost a loved one.

Ani Lorak was among the Ukrainian stars who chose to stay away from discussing the political agenda. In this regard, many in the homeland rebelled against the singer. Now Ani is not happy to see even in her native Chernivtsi – her star has already been removed from the local Walk of Fame.

The position of the singer disappointed not only her fans, but also the immediate environment. One of them was the director Oleg Bondarchuk, who not only collaborated, but also was friends with Lorak. But from now on, the producer no longer wants to call the singer his girlfriend.

According to Bondarchuk, the singer did not even bother to contact him and ask how he was doing. As a result, he decided to cut off communication with the silent Lorak.

“Unfortunately or fortunately, I lost one friend. I was very sad that she didn’t ask how I was doing. No calls or messages. And you understand that in these circumstances, our friendship is probably over. Although, for my part, I’m worried about her: isn’t her conscience biting, is she sleeping peacefully. But perhaps I will never know the answer to these questions. I don’t need such a girlfriend. Goodbye, Ani Lorak, ”the director was quoted as saying StarHit.

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