Andy Warhol’s Diaries: Baldness and Loneliness

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The series was shot by entertainment content producer Ryan Murphy (known for “Body Parts”, “American Crime Story”) and Andrew Rossi, best known as a documentary filmmaker (“After the Truth: Misinformation and the Fake News Price”). takes as a basis the diary entries of the famous American artist Andy Warhol and builds around them a texture from interviews with his relatives, video footage and reconstructed events.

Warhol began keeping his diary in 1976, and for the next 10 years, until his death, he kept it in an unusual way, dictating his thoughts and observations to his friend and assistant Pat Hackett over the phone. Initially, keeping a diary was a way to record expenses for financial inspectors who were keenly interested in Warhol’s money affairs. Gradually, the artist’s telephone monologues began to acquire a more personal and diary character. After the sudden death of the king of pop art, Hackett selected the most interesting from thousands of typewritten pages and published it as a book.

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