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Andrei Sokolov: “I worship women”

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There is a turning point in the play, when the hero tries to change his life after an avalanche of rants. In your experience, is this possible? Or will you have to carry the burden of old problems for the rest of your life?

Andrey Sokolov: Who is lucky here. It is extremely difficult to return to the past. We try to cling to what was like a lifeline. And late. Why do we have tudukh-tudukh wheels throughout the show? Everyone, guys, the train is gone. Happy is he who manages to jump into the last car. Happy is even the one who, at least, will see this car. Everyone has such moments. Here I know a country, a city, in which I will never go again in my life.


Andrey Sokolov: Because I was very happy there, and everything fell apart there. I can’t imagine what will happen to me if I go back there. It is very difficult to reset what was and start building anew. I will draw an unexpected parallel with the film “Little Faith”. We traveled around the country and showed this film. Most of all, the elderly did not like this film. Because they were poked in the nose, and there is no time to fix something. Life is coming to an end, everything… That’s why projects like LuBol are important. We can still move the lens in the eyes of the audience, and God willing, in the heart.

You often repeat the phrase in the play: “Love does not happen without pain.” I had a feeling it was like candy. If you eat a lot of them, then your teeth will soon hurt. After all, we are warned from childhood not to indulge in sweets excessively. But you still eat everything, because you can not refuse. The world is so organized that at every step we are tempted, and we have to make constant choices. But you give hope to men who make mistakes – happiness is possible, even fleeting and at the very end of life, but it will be. You give hope to people who are already desperate. Great motivation.

Andrey Sokolov: We men are always a little cunning. We say to ourselves: “Everything! I don’t believe in anything anymore. ” But somewhere on the tenth floor sits a devil who says, “Suddenly? Not enough… »Women are arranged differently. It used to seem to me that the division into masculine and feminine is all nonsense, fiction. No, women are really another planet, you come to understand this in time. For example, men always have this backlash – forgiveness, a return to relationships. I haven’t even seen a woman 10-15 years old, you don’t know anything about her, maybe she got married a long time ago and has children. But you meet by chance – and yoprst! Let’s start all over again! Because each one stays somewhere in the piggy bank and is perceived as “your man”. Not so with women. Although I may be wrong, but I know from experience: if she cut off and left, it’s forever.

It is unhappy love that makes us think. Well, how so? We learn to think through negative emotions. We try to do everything not to repeat our mistakes. And frivolous relationships do not lead to broken hearts. So maybe the fact that young people are now all relaxed is due to the fact that children live too quietly? No emotional shocks at all. And, equally calm – and here, and in America, and in Europe…

Andrey Sokolov: I do not agree. It is enough for me to remember that in Europe they want to call “parent 1” and “parent 2” and everything is overturning. We already live differently and teach young people different values. Every country, every nationality or family has its own laws. Vowels and vowels. I will never accept this “parent 1” and “parent 2”.

We are unlikely to get used to it.

Andrey Sokolov: God willing. Because what is happening raises a lot of questions for me. And if we talk about the fact that everything is easy and calm – it is clear that it is not quite easy. It’s just that at some point people decided to protect themselves from unnecessary experiences. “And why?” But this is not right. In order to perceive something, you need the receiver to work. That the soul hurts. We cannot say that we do not have thinking young people, there are many of them. But the layer that is empty, the most militant and loud. People who are busy do not have time to constantly declare themselves and ring all the bells. And we now have a ringing emptiness prevails. Foam, unfortunately, is a priority.

In Europe, two scandals are raging right now. An English footballer beat his girlfriend and a French footballer beat his cat. Both now receive in full from the media, sponsors refuse them, fans condemn, but I noticed that the cat is more sorry than the girl. Like – the girl knew who she was contacting, she had to understand that the man was a scoundrel, and leave in time. You are the father of a growing daughter. Do you explain to her how to recognize a ghoul with whom you should not have a relationship?

Andrey Sokolov: And how do you explain? Only by personal example, so that she had someone to compare with. Here you need to prepare in advance. When something like this happens, it’s too late to pull. We need to have time before that. We talk a lot. I try to convey from all sides the idea that only close people can be trusted. That a shiny wrapper is not the main thing, because not all gold shines. It is more important to see what is behind a person’s soul. We talk all the time, yes. And children need to be loved so much that they feel it every day. Then they will learn to love, and will no longer want an “easy” relationship. The main thing is not to lose contact with the child, his trust.

Many people now say by the age of 30: we are tired of living. They are sure that they already had everything…

Andrey Sokolov: At about this age, or maybe a little earlier, I caught myself thinking that I would not learn anything new. I clearly remember this period: turbulent events on all fronts. Everything that can happen to a person has happened to me. And I really sincerely assumed that nothing new could happen in life. I was wrong, fortunately. This is the maximalism of youth, the suffering of young Werther. It’s all from ignorance, misunderstanding. Each age is characterized by its own emotions, its own thoughts, and each age is beautiful with its accumulated experience.

This summer is your 60th birthday.

Andrey Sokolov: You can be stunned!

How has your attitude towards the idea of ​​growing up changed during this time? To celebrate round dates?

Andrey Sokolov: Until the age of ten, of course, he was immensely happy with his birthdays, it’s a holiday, waiting for gifts. Bicycle, all the family gathers, a holiday in a close circle. Adolescence – here you are already trying to declare that you are a person. To gain the authority of peers, again, interest in girls appears. Here I already saw birthdays as an occasion to show myself. After 18 years, I could already afford to pay for the feasts myself, and up to the age of 30 I wanted one thing: to celebrate coolly, to take a walk, to smoke. After Thirty, it is not a general invitation of all in a row that begins, but a kind of selectivity. You allow yourself to invite people you haven’t seen in a long time and who can’t refuse you on your birthday – a kind of selfishness, in the sense that the presence of these people is already a gift to you. And after 45, I stopped celebrating birthdays and began to celebrate five years. Because you start to guess that every next year that is added is not to say that a gift. This is a countdown, taking away your time.

But have you already decided how you will celebrate 60 years?

Andrey Sokolov: Calm down. If before it was all with clowns, fireworks and fountains, now we just sit quietly with our closest friends. This is from the category that it was interesting to be silent. This is very valuable. Unfortunately, the further I go, the more I miss those I would like to invite to my birthday. But people will come tested, all their own. They used to say: “Can I come with your friend for your anniversary?” and I said, “Come on, no problem.” And now no, sorry, only the closest circle.

Our retirement age is constantly changing. This is good for men. He used to be an old man at 60, but now life is in full swing.

Andrey Sokolov: You need to prepare for retirement so that it does not come as a surprise. Recently, a friend of mine, who has known me since I was 14, said: “Andryukha, I was sent on a well-deserved vacation.” Longs, suffers. I tell him: “Don’t be a fool – live a full life.” He: “And how?” Can you imagine? The problem is that many people have a strong feeling: life = work. And only work. This is not true. Life itself is much more interesting than the profession we do. Yes, if you do your favorite thing – it’s interesting to you three times. But this is not the whole life. And we have been taught that life is earning money for food, because, unfortunately, many people earn only for food and do not see life. We even get sick of constant work, when the signal is coming from above: ku-ku, stop! Think about what is more important to you – health or career. And you will look at the world differently.

Why are we so “wedged” at work? As a child, everyone was told a tale about two frogs in a milk jug. One drowned and the other floundered and knocked down the oil. In childhood, there is an immediate feeling: you have to fight, work, otherwise you will drown. And then you grow up and think: why did this frog drown? He is a swimmer. I could stay calm on the surface and not know grief. I would wait until the second oil broke, and sat down next to him.

Andrey Sokolov: Life still changes. And even what we have been told: knowledge is power is also not always true. In the pursuit of knowledge, you can open a Pandora’s box, create a virus that will kill half the planet. This is a very thin line.

By the way, about the virus. Two years ago, when countries around the world began to close, we were all very afraid of kovid. For a couple of months they sat at home and were afraid. But now carelessness is outrageous: in the subway a lot of people without masks, on the Internet a lot of jokes and memes about the virus. They stopped being afraid.

Andrey Sokolov: If we go back fifty years, the death of a person in our country was an event. The killings were something out of the ordinary, discussed at all levels – in the Kremlin, in newspapers, in kitchens. And now people are not even interested in how many people die in a day in Moscow or in the country as a whole.

Are you used to the negative?

Andrey Sokolov: Rather, they resigned themselves. Great phrase, in my opinion: “And it will pass!” I once understood her when I was taking an exam at MATI, and there were graters with some teacher. And I was worried at first, and then I thought: well, let’s say I will not pass sopromat or theoretical mechanics. And what, the world will turn upside down? No. I am one of hundreds of thousands of students who studied here before me. There will be the same after me. So is it worth making a tragedy out of a failed exam? No, and it will pass. The thought struck me so much that I have since begun to look through this lens at everything that happens in life. Nothing new, only the names are different – plague, covid, robbery, murder. The only question is the scale of the negative, but you know, no matter how huge the scale – and it will pass.

You haven’t set a bar yet: when do I run in, calm down, and sit in a rocking chair to contemplate?

Andrey Sokolov: I think I will be active for another 15 years. But we can assume as much as we want, and then fate will decide. The most important thing is that the brain does not fail, that memory does not fail. This is the worst thing when you can’t be responsible for yourself. When will I calm down? Hell knows him. I haven’t finished much yet. I teach students, such a new incarnation. Performances. Movies and TV series. But not only that. I really like life itself

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