Andrei Khlyvnyuk said that he was called by David Gilmore from Pink Floyd – photo / HB

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Andrei Khlyvnyuk said that he and David Gilmore are planning something interesting (Photo: @Andrey Khlyvnyuk / Facebook)

Andrei Khlyvnyuk said that he and David Gilmore are planning something interesting (Photo: @Andrey Khlyvnyuk / Facebook)

The leader of the group Boombox, who is now in hospital, shared with subscribers on his social networks a pleasant event – he talked to David Gilmore, the famous British composer, guitarist, vocalist and one of the leaders of the legendary band Pink Floyd.

He said he had received a message that David Gilmore wanted to talk to Andrew or someone associated with him from the Boombox group.

And then on his social networks, he shared a screenshot from his video conversation with the legendary musician. Khlyvnyuk said that together they will support Ukraine.

«Injury is not a reason, we will work with the legendary David Gilmore to support Ukraine loudly and for the whole world! Thank you Mr. Gilmore !!! Dreams come true !!! “, he wrote in the post. “Oh, what will happen,” he added to the Instagram story.

Andrei Khlyvnyuk also commented once again on his injury, calling it light, and called on everyone who is trying to learn how to help him to go to the nearest hospital and help the really badly wounded Ukrainian fighters.

«Good friends, listeners, and those who express many kind words to me. I was really wounded in the face. Yes, our column was fired upon. This is a very minor injury. I will get to my feet very quickly and return to work. You see, the swelling is almost gone.

I appeal to all my fans and friends who write so much to me on Instagram and Facebook. And they ask me how to help me, how not to stay away from this problem. I am very pleased. That’s what I’m asking you for help. There are hospitals in your cities. In those hospitals and hospitals are actually heavy three hundred children, I mean the wounded. Go to those hospitals and find something to help, “Andrei Khlyvnyuk asked.

We will remind, Andrey Khlyvnyuk signed up in territorial defense of Kiev from the first days of war which Russia started against Ukraine.

Russia’s war against Ukraine is the latest news

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