And what’s next? How did Kozlovsky’s “Karamor” series end and will there be a sequel

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The plot of the TV series immediately attracted public attention.

The story about vampires caused a great resonance and attracted viewers across the country.

The plot is simple enough to understand. The protagonist Peter Karazin, played by Kozlovsky, suddenly discovers that the Romanov dynasty, like the entire elite of the Russian Empire, are vampires with supernatural powers. Well, then the plot begins to develop rapidly. Karazin loses his love and friends in a fight with one such creature. He has no choice but to start the struggle for light.

Fans were especially looking forward to the outcome of the series and hoped for a happy ending. However, Danila Kozlovsky decided to end the story ambiguously.

Karazin manages to win, but not everything is so rosy. The protagonist finally breaks down internally and as a result commits suicide.

A surprise awaited all spectators in the final. Fans of Felix Yusupov were able to see a vampire in modern Russia. At the very end, the hero reads on his phone a note that one person was killed by silver bullets – deadly to evil spirits.

Will receive a TV series continuedis still unknown. But fans admit that they would like to see the second season.

Photo source: Shot from the series “Karamora” (2022)

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