And what about Dilara? Morgenstern said he preferred the company of light-hearted girls

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Alisher published in his personal blog a correspondence with clipmaker Alexander Romanov, in which he suddenly stated that he did not mind spending time in the company of … prostitutes. Romanov immediately realized that the rapper was intoxicated.

“You’re just a bully now, I answer! When you become sober, you say – why do we need whores ?! ” – said the director. Netizens were already outraged by Morgenstern’s remarks and wished his wife patience with such a windy husband.

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“Did you divorce Dilara?”; “This is disrespect to his wife! Well, you give, Alisher! ”; “What about Dilara?” I represent her face now … ”; “Poor Dilara. Either she’s used to your antics, or I don’t even know … “; “The Lord was patient and commanded Dilare!” – subscribers of the 24-year-old artist are indignant.

By the way, Dilara herself assures that she and Alisher are fine. The chosen musician, by her own admission, has long been accustomed to negativity in her address and various gossips. So, for example, there have been rumors for a long time about Zinatullina’s interesting situation. “I’ve been pregnant for a year and a half, people think,” she lamented.

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Recall that a few months ago, Morgenstern, who now lives in Dubai, made a favorite chic gift – helped her open a beauty salon in the heart of the capital.

“HelIo everyone! Thank you very much for coming today. A lot of effort and energy was invested in this project – mine and all those who helped me. To be honest, I’m wildly nervous, because for the first time I’m playing the role of “mother” of a serious large-scale project. And now my long-held dream is coming true, ”said Dilara during the presentation of her project.

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