And the books on Warhammer have caught on: Black Library has paused relations with Fantastic

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The protracted printing crisis and the fall of the ruble hit all publishers, especially small ones. One of them, “Fantasy Book Club”, also failed the partner in the person of Black Library, responsible for novels on Warhammer.

The Games Workshop unit has decided to suspend cooperation. As stressed in the FCC, “This is not a breakup or revocation of the license, but a temporary pause of up to three months”. At this time, the publishing house will not approve new books, nor will it be able to publish those already agreed. It will not affect the sale of previously released works, as well as those that are now in the printing house.

The FCC mainly publishes W40K novels, such as Dan Abnett’s series on the Eisenhorn and Ravenor inquisitors, and the ninth volume of the illustrated Heresy of Horus will soon be on the shelves. But the publisher does not forget about Warhammer Fantasy and the “Sigmar Era”. And he has in the assets of the manga “About my rebirth in slime.”

As for Games Workshop, she recently shared on YouTube a short film about dressing in the spacecraft’s armor.

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