And again – sad Agatha

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Aunt Agatha was not happy for long after her precious Priluchny merged with Karpovich.

Having celebrated the victory over a skinny rival, Mutsiputsevna is again trading in a sad gingerbread. Here is her fresh photo.

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What happened? You also see the answer above.

Priluchny, whom Agatha, as it seemed to her, almost returned to the bosom of the family, is filmed in the same project with Natasha Rudova.

Close-up is filmed, as you can see.

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Rudova, of course, can be treated differently, but her aunt is objectively nice and cheerful. Especially in contrast to the eternally weeping martyr.

Men like Natasha, and Agatka – absolutely not.

Mutsiputsievna is loved and supported by sad aunts of difficult destiny. Brooches, hysterics, resentments – that’s who makes up Aunt Agatha’s fan club.

And not so long ago, this stuffy fan club together with its leader rejoiced, anticipating that Agatha and Priluchny are about to start getting married again, and by the summer, you see, they will get married again!

But then Priluchny was invited to act in “cheek to cheek” with Rudova, and her cheeks are cheerful and not crying.

What man would not like that? Especially if he had the experience of living with a mourner.

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In general, Agatha only dreams of peace. Now he’s crying and rushing into battle again, I think. Now – with Rudova, who, most likely, is not particularly interested in this Priluchny.

And to you, aunts, – science: in a family if nobody died, it is not necessary to trade in a funeral gingerbread. If you are sad in life, live alone.

Do you pour out your despondency on your loved ones? Why are you doing this? Why are you so selfish?

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