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Ancharted will go on forever – the film with Tom Holland remains in Russian cinemas

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Source: Sony

The premiere of the action movie “Ancharted: Not on the maps” in Russia took place almost two months ago, on February 10, but he does not plan to leave the cinemas. As it became known to the “Bulletin of the film distributor”, the film with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg will continue to fill the domestic box office – someone has to.

Apparently, the boycott of Hollywood does not apply to old releases, or “Ancharted” is all that Russian viewers deserve. One way or another, Sony, which “spared” us even “Morbius”, decided to extend the rental window of the action adventure. And there is already a digital release is just around the corner – in good quality and without leaving home, the film adaptation of Uncharted will be available from April 26.

Meanwhile, in eight weeks of rental, Ancharted has raised 1.373 billion rubles in Russia in the complete absence of competitors and is now the second highest-grossing release this year, second only to the fresh part of The Last Hero.

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