“Ancharted: Not on the cards” received the exact release dates in numbers and on home video

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Successful filming of a video game “Ancharted: Not on the maps”Having worked on big screens around the world, she is ready to move into the field of digital distribution and home video. Sony has officially announced that the release of the adventure film will take place on April 26, and the premiere of 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD will take place on May 10.

Along with the tape, fans will receive an hour of additional content: extended scenes, not included in the film, the story of the creation of a spectacular action, director’s comments, interviews with actors and more.

Based on the popular video game Uncharted, the film tells the story of Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) 15 years after the dramatic breakup with his brother. Having succeeded in making cocktails and petty theft, he meets Sally (Mark Wahlberg), who claims to be searching for innumerable treasures, and his brother Nathan is his former partner. The former, because he disappeared again. The protagonist agrees to help Sally find wealth and her serially disappearing relative.

Despite average criticism, Ancharted earned more than $ 350 million.

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