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Anastasia Volochkova roared and rolled hysterically: “Bury me in pointe shoes”

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Anastasia Volochkova is exhausted by envious and malicious people. Every scoundrel tries to offend a lonely and defenseless woman. The ballerina had no strength left to endure the trials that fell on her unfortunate head. The other day a hysteric happened to a 46-year-old woman.

Scandalous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is going through difficult times. She is suing neighbors over an incident under a Christmas tree. In the summer of 2021, the ballerina was removed from the needy on the site, photos were published and poisoning began.

Anastasia is indignant because of injustice and neighborly meanness. After all, she is sure that she has every right to do a lot on her site: “I wrote under the Christmas tree on my site and I don’t see anything criminal in it. I was naked on my site – I have the right!” she said.

Volochkova made no secret of the fact that that day she took quite a bit on her chest. “I feel terrible! If I die from these stresses, please bury me in pointes! Good people, I woke up at seven in the morning! This is uncharacteristic of me! I’m just falling asleep at this time… Smoke, drink to health. Be positive. When I want, then I allow myself (it’s about alcohol). I don’t care about the neighbors! They demand to forbid me to walk naked on my site “, – the ballerina roared on the air” You will not believe! “On NTV.

And a few hours earlier, the blonde lost her temper at the courthouse. The actress of large and small theaters, barely seeing the cameras, began to cry in three streams.

“Give me the opportunity to realize my potential, all my ways. I have no strength left! I’m 46. Do you understand or not ?!” – Nastya shouted, theatrically covering her face with her hands and spreading her long fingers. An emerald-sized ring with a quail egg and diamonds gleamed dazzlingly on one of them.

The fact that her personal life does not develop does not add joy to the dancer. Not so long ago, she broke up with bather Sergei Kuznetsov, who now does not want to know anything about his former mistress.

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