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Anastasia Volochkova revealed the bitter truth about her daughter

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Anastasia Volochkova with her daughter Ariadna. Photo: social networks

Anastasia Volochkova has never been married. The ballerina gave birth to her only daughter Ariadna from millionaire Igor Vdovin in 2005. A few years ago, the girl moved from the luxurious mansion of the famous mother to her father.

The only daughter of Anastasia Volochkova has not lived with his mother for several years. Ariadne, who will turn 17 this year, long ago moved in with her father Igor Vdovin and his new wife Elena Nikolaeva. They settled in the center of Moscow. Not so long ago, a millionaire built a country house for his family. The mansion impresses with its luxury. The estate has a stable, spa and even its own farm for the production of fresh produce.

Earlier, Volochkova noted that Arisha had moved in with her father, as it was convenient for her to get to school from him. The ballerina in every way refuted the strained relationship with the child. But in a recent interview, the blonde decided to reveal the bitter truth.

The dancer complained that now she could not find common ground with Ariadne. However, she assures that it is not her fault.

Anastasia accused her own mother and ex-boyfriend of a protracted family conflict. According to the star of large and small theaters, it was they who set the girl against her. “I have a difficult relationship with my daughter. They are, but they are complex. She now lives in the city center with her dad, with his new wife, where the baby was born… “- said the actress on the YouTube show” It is not customary to discuss. “

Then she was stunned by the confession: “My mother kept ruining my relationship with my daughter. Zombie Arisha, proving that no one needs her except her grandmother. It was a serious injury for me. Poor Ariadne, Dad and Grandma are rubbing her about me. “

By the way, formerly the ballerina’s former lover – bather Sergei Kuznetsov made a loud statement. In his opinion, Volochkova does not live with her daughter because “organically does not digest children” and does not want to communicate with his own heiress.

“She doesn’t digest children organically, that’s her words. She’s upset. She doesn’t want to communicate with her daughter at all. I don’t even want to, how many years have passed. I can’t imagine how it is possible – without a child, and several years. She doesn’t care. it is not necessary here, she organically does not tolerate children “, – Kuznetsov told.

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