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Surgut Art Museum is 30 years old. In honor of the anniversary, the staff came up with, perhaps, the best gift for themselves and their guests – an exhibition “CARTOON. Anthology of humor from 1 to 8… ». As exhibits – the best works of cartoonists of 8 international competitions of humorous pictures.

Laughter is said to prolong life. Today in the Surgut Art Museum there was an opportunity to laugh with all my heart. More than 70 humorous drawings were collected by the museum staff at the exhibition “Caricature».

Looking at the caricature of the Russian artist Andrei Popov, you involuntarily remember the words of the song known today: “No. I need to panic, this is my last day on the Titanic. ” This humorous picture got into the art museum thanks to the international forum of visual humor “Caricature». This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the International Visual Humor Forum. In 2002, artists from 36 countries presented their works to the jury. The authors of the brightest works were awarded… earflaps. Gold, silver and bronze. The first festival caused a real sensation in the city. Since then, it has been held regularly and has practically acquired the status of one of the brightest brands of Surgut. Brands that make Surgut people smile.

“Caricature – this is such an amazing genre, a form of fine art that can be very difficult to explain in words, but if a person has a natural sense of humor, it lives in this person, then thanks to this genre it will come out, – says director of the Surgut Art Museum Olga Toast.

Thanks to the competition, which was held for 15 years, the staff of the art museum was able to collect many unique works. Today, more than 7,000 original cartoons are stored in the funds. Among them are works by Surgut artists. So, Victor Amosov back in 2006 wrote a humorous picture on the subject “Man reasonable? ”

“It was the monkey is depicted. He sits among the ruins of the world: a crashed plane, a crashed city, a broken factory. He sits with his head around his head, holding a human skull in the other, and Hamlet’s question “To be or not to be”, to become a man or not, “said artist Viktor Amosov.

“Art unites. It unites representatives of different peoples, different cultures, religions, different views. And the collection “Caricature”, which is carefully stored in the art museum, and only part of which, namely the works of the winners of 8 forums “Caricature“Presented,” said Anton Akulov, chairman of the Surgut administration’s culture committee.

At the exhibition “CARTOON. Anthology of humor from 1 to 8… “presents the works of the winners of the competition. These are high-level works, as they were evaluated not only by the Surgut jury, but also by the capital’s guests – cartoonists. You can visit the exhibition and laugh with all your heart at others and at least today and every day until June 5.

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