An electronic Book of Remembrance will be created in Rossoshansky district

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An electronic Book of Remembrance will be created in Rossoshansky district. Tatiana Gozenko, head of the culture department of the Rossoshansky district administration, told RIA Voronezh on Wednesday, April 6.

The online project was launched in March this year and is planned to be completed no later than autumn.

The Book of Remembrance will record the names of those who died during the Great Patriotic War, went missing and returned from the front. Information will be supplemented from all available sources: archival documents of the Ministry of Defense, information systems such as “Memory of the People” and others, as well as documents from home archives and memories of relatives. This will require the help of all those whose relatives fought during the Great Patriotic War and were called from the Rossoshansky district (within its modern borders).

– The task is to gather the most complete information. It is important not only to preserve the name of each veteran, but also to find a documentary reflection of the events of the war years, which can be evidenced by award lists and military awards, stories of relatives, family stories, newspaper publications, photographs. It is necessary to make the most of all available opportunities, – Tatiana Gozenko emphasized.

The Book of Remembrance will be compiled for each settlement and then placed on site “Little Motherland. Books of Memory.

– We appeal to all residents of Rossoshansky district to help gather information. Not only information about the place of birth, conscription, death and other autobiographical data are important, but also electronic samples of documents confirming service during the Great Patriotic War (soldier’s or officer’s books, award documents, funeral notices and other official documents), wartime photos , letters, memories and more, – said Tatiana Gozenko.

In rural areas, the heads of rural settlements are responsible for collecting this information, in Rossosh you can contact the Museum of Local Lore (Oktyabrskaya Square, 20a), visiting hours: Tuesday – Friday: from 9:30 to 15:00, Saturday – from 09:30 to 14 : 00.

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