An angel broken by schizophrenia and loneliness: the tragedy of Ganja’s wife from the movie “Big Change”

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“She definitely had no friends, such a special character. I can’t say that she pushed people away, but they just didn’t want to talk to her. She could come up and say that someone had stolen something from her, entered her apartment or was stalking her. Because of this, the directors stopped filming Natasha, ”the actor said Alexander Lenkov.

At the same time, the directors did not deny that Bogunova had a huge creative potential.

“She had almost no minor roles or episodes – all the roles were major. She was a heroine. She is here in everything: in appearance, in some internal state – she was a heroine and, of course, it was necessary to put a movie on her, “said Boris Tokarev.

However, the type of spiritual, pure and bright heroines in the movies of the 80’s ceased to be in demand – they were replaced by brave and bright women, those who make and make decisions themselves. Bogunov was invited to rehearsals, she passed them quite successfully, but the role was still approved by others. This happened with the role of Sonechka Marmeladova in the film adaptation of “Crime and Punishment”, where Bogunova even began to act, but was removed from the role, with the films “The Only One” and “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession”.

A black streak of bad luck resulted in the first nervous breakdown. One day during the performance, Bogunov began to howl on stage and carry the parade. The further away, the more. She could call a colleague at night and not remember the call in the morning. And sometimes I just talked to my colleagues. At first, the actors attributed this to the subtlety of the acting nature, but the beauty’s condition was deteriorating.

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