An absurd film about abstract Estonia: a review of a domestic novelty

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What we know how to shoot are absurd and funny road movies. It seems to me that Estonian cinema has recently started with the film “Jaan Uuspild goes to Tartu”, And all the rest of our road movies came straight out of Uuspild’s overcoat. In the film “Tree of Eternal Love” (where from the Russian translation of the name why removed one of the main characters, Kiyka, and an ax, but the ax is clear why, the ax in the picture is quite episodic, although important) Uuspild also plays, this time a minor role . Probably, thus passing the baton to the new generation of those going to Tartu. Or, in this case, to another settlement, the name of which just flew out of my head. Wuxwere? Vukavere? Vuksa? Do not remember.

This is not so important. They go, two friends Kiyk and Eric, to cut down the tree of eternal love, which still does not exist, so the girl Kiyk changed him. And the act of felling a tree should have a symbolic meaning for Kiyk.

But of course it doesn’t matter. A destination is rarely an important road movie. In “The Tree of Eternal Love”, however, the characters even come to it (Vykover? Vuoksala?), They are serious young people, they have not forgotten why they went, so they even try to carry out their plans.

The most important thing in a road movie are two things. The people that the heroes meet on the road, and the changes that this road leads to in their lives. This is usually the case in all the best road movies, with the exception of the Tree of Eternal Love. As usual, we are talking about saying goodbye to youth and entering youth (we don’t have to talk much about maturity in the case of the heroes of this particular film), about finding ourselves and our destiny, about re-evaluating values, about everything related to the transition from one stage of life. in another.

All this is in the “Tree of Eternal Love”. There is also the traditional Estonian absurd humor, which was so much in “Jaan Uuspild goes to Tartu”. In short, the film of young authors is kept in trend, in line and, perhaps, even in the moment, in the resource and in the material. In addition, he once again shows us what a beautiful country we live in – the nature of Estonia is shown somehow unobtrusively, but with this soft background it interestingly shades and somewhere even envelops everything that is happening, all these vampire movie lovers, lone Vikings -rollers and policemen in cars of the seventies.

The duration of the film, by the way, can not be determined. The mobile phones of the heroes are desperately outdated, I had one in about 1998, all the cars in the frame are at least thirty or forty years old. At the same time, the realities, words and thoughts of the characters seem to be from today. I don’t know, maybe it’s a film – out of time, such a settlement (Wurtsvere? Vyksapala?) Also, quite possibly, does not exist. Then this is a film out of space, it was shot just about abstract Estonia in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. Which doesn’t make it any worse. In such films, the circumstances of time and place do not matter much. This is not about the adventures of the body in space.

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