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This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Amur Jazz Band. On the eve of this event, the correspondent of visited the rehearsal of the team, and also talked to its permanent leader – Anatoly Hopatko.

– Good afternoon, Anatoly Ivanovich. Let’s meet. Tell us a little about your band, its soloists and achievements.

– A few words will probably not work. Ten years for our team after all. Our team is very diverse, diverse. There is a group of wind instruments, a group of wood, a violin group, the vocalists are wonderful, and in general we have everything great. (smiles)

We play jazz, classical repertoire, popular songs. As people say: “We play everything – from storming Winter to storming space.”

During these ten years we have more than once become winners of jazz festivals. In addition, during this time, our team has remained, probably 90%. The vocalists, of course, have changed, but the instrumentalists-musicians who came 10 years ago, almost everything works.

I would like to note that we have a lot of bands in the city that are 10 years old. But none won the presidency support. That’s what we need to talk about!

– What is jazz for you? Which song or artist should you get acquainted with?

– What is jazz? Jazz is freedom. Complete freedom in creativity. Do what you want on stage! Jazz is freedom. Freedom from conventions, traditions.

And where to start … you have to start with classical music, start playing jazz standards, some simple blues. And if you look at the performers, then whoever you take – everything is serious. Even Louis Armstrong. This is very serious music, and so far, it seems to me, no one has surpassed Armstrong in playing the trumpet, in the manner of his singing. Very unique, which no one can repeat for a century.

– This year the Amur Jazz Band is 10 years old. Are you planning to celebrate this date?

– We have a big concert planned in the OCC, I think three hours. It will take place on the evening of April 30. I would like to note that the concert was organized with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund. They supported the idea of ​​our project “International concert project” Music – the language of friendship “of the combined international orchestra (Blagoveshchensk – Heihe).

The participants of this concert will be our friends with whom we worked and collaborated. These are Ira Babicheva, a singer from Krasnodar, Ilya Lushnikov, a jazzman, pianist and composer from Vladivostok. By the way, you will hear his good improvisations at the concert. Jazz is mostly improvisation. We will give them a theme and they will play who I pick up. Did you see at the rehearsal today? Which of the musicians do I pick up, and they play improvisation on a given theme.

– Share any interesting details of the upcoming concert?

“What details?” People need to come and see.

Well, first of all, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Soviet and Russian jazz. Therefore, the program included several iconic songs of Soviet jazz. And this date will be celebrated by Russian musicians during the year – giving concerts. Secondly, our Jazz Band is 10 years old. Another concentrate dedicated to this will be held in October.

– What do you want to say to our readers?

– Come to our concert, but no more tickets! (laughs) We have two tickets left at the box office and that’s it. Full landing in the large hall of the OCC.

When I started working on jazz concerts in Blagoveshchensk, about 200 spectators gathered. And so, ten years later, the Amur Jazz Band is assembling a full OCC hall.

Photos in the material are provided by the City House of Culture of Blagoveshchensk

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