All the plot details of “Flash”, which will be released only next year, have been merged into the network

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Insiders have become more active in sharing the details of the movie “Flash”, where viewers will be able to see the return of Michael Keaton to the role of Batman. Already now in the network you can easily find a complete description of the future blockbuster with all the plot twists.

The leak occurred against the background of test screenings of the film. Most of the information has already been confirmed by insiders and some journalists, so there is little doubt about this leak.

Story details of “Flash”


  • The events of “Flash” will take into account the films that were made by Zach Snyder;
  • The plot of the film will allow you to organically move away from the past film universe and start a new one
  • The main antagonist will be Black Flash, who will morally destroy Flash. Due to the action of the villain, the universes and time itself are mixed, which will allow the heroes of different movies and time eras to be on the same screen;
  • Michael Keaton will receive his own story arch of the character, which will continue the events of Burton’s films. It is reported that this is one of the best parts of the film, which will show the mad Bruce Wayne;
  • A lot of cameos are expected in “Flash” with actors from old DC movies, including Adam West and Linda Carter.
  • Ben Affleck’s version of Batman after the finale of the film has every chance of getting a sequel at any moment. Some sources claim that DC is not going to say goodbye to Affleck forever.
  • The finale promises to present an epic battle of Flash, Supergirl and Batman Keaton against other villains.

The premiere of “Flash” is scheduled for June 2023.

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