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Alisher Morgenstern and Dilara are officially divorced

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The wife of Ufa rapper Alisher Morgenstern has officially announced her divorce from the artist. Dilara posted a second video on her YouTube channel called “Marriage to Morgenstern.”

“We have decided that it is time to end this whole story. Don’t think that I don’t want to say bad things about him and I don’t want to say that I consider him a bad person or a bad husband. No. As banal as it may sound, we just didn’t get along. And we realized that we just can’t be in such a relationship, “the girl said.

Dilara said that the problems in their relationship began after the official marriage. The girl also cited the example of her parents’ attitude and noted that she was “quite conservative.”

“I fell in love with Alisher and wanted to marry him, but eventually married Morgenstern. Sometimes it seems to me that Alisher is simply gone. And it is very painful to bury a living person, “Dilyara concluded.

Formerly Bashinform Agency reported that Morgenstern, who emigrated to the UAE, was prosecuted in Russia for tattoos.

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