Alicia Vikander spoke about the unpleasant experience of shooting candid scenes: “The worst thing in the world”

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Source: Warner Bros.  / Danmarks Radio

In light of recent events, it seems truly surprising that candid scenes in movies and TV series still exist. Apparently, it’s all about intimate coordinators, who are now monitoring morality on the site. It used to be wrong, and the actresses managed to get hurt. One of them – Alicia Vikander.

Vikander, she admits, has never had a problem with nudity on the court. However, looking back, the actress realized that all this was terribly wrong and the organizational process itself left much to be desired.

You can’t improvise in an intimate scene – you have to stick to the choreography. This is the worst thing in the world. I’m very comfortable in my body, and I’ve starred in a lot of nude and sexy scenes, but it’s never been easy.

It would be good to have intimate coordinators at the beginning of my career. I found myself in unpleasant situations when I did not feel protected. Once everyone was busy with their business, while the actor sat naked for several hours. Someone had to bring a robe, but did not. The realization that this was abnormal came later. Someone had to look after me.

And this is before the intimate scene with Armi Hammer in “Agents of A.N.K.L.” the case did not come!

Now Vikander, who recently starred in The Legend of the Green Knight and the thriller Beckett with John David Washington, is gearing up for Lara Croft 2. There, of course, you do not have to count on nudity.

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