Alicia Vikander for the first time about how she and Michael Fassbender raise a child: “Always together”

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Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender went into the shadows after the birth of a child – in the last six months, Alicia was published only twice (in October and early March), and for “fashionable” reasons. And Michael has been busy all these months filming David Fincher’s new thriller The Killer, which ended just a week ago. The actors did not say a word about their baby. Only at the beginning of September last year, a young mother responded extensively to People magazine:

Now I have a completely new understanding of life in general. This is great, and obviously, a lot will be useful to me in my work in the future.

Alicia was the first to “split up” – the 33-year-old actress spoke for the first time about the child (the public still does not know the sex or name of the baby) in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar. She admitted that she and her husband try to raise a child on their own, so they have to make their work schedules so that someone is always with the child. Also, they always go somewhere in threes:

We in our small family always travel together. This is the rule. We also take projects so that one of us can always stay with the baby.

There was also a speech in the interview about shooting in intimate scenes. According to Alicia, this is the worst thing that can happen in cinema:

I am quite happy with my body, and during my career I starred in many sexy and candid scenes, but even now it is very difficult for me. And it will never be easier for me, – she admitted.

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender

It will be recalled that the public learned about Alicia Vikander’s pregnancy by accident due to a leak from the family archive with Michael: in January last year, a picture of pregnant Alicia sitting, apparently at home in a chair with a mug of water, was published on social media. At the same time, the latter stands quietly on the rounded belly of the actress. Then the Italian media noted that the picture was taken somewhere between December 2020 and January 2021, and then Alicia was in the last stages of pregnancy.

The addition to their family became known thanks to the paparazzi. They filmed Michael with a baby in his arms during his wife’s visit on the set of the series “Irma Vep” (Irma Vep) in Paris. This is a new HBO project based on the 1996 film of the same name, starring Alicia. Photos of the actor with a child were taken in early August.

Alicia Vikander

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