Alfonso Cuarón praised Robert Eggers’ Varyag

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Director Alfonso Cuarón (“Gravity”, “Human Child”) praised Robert Eggers’ film “Varyag” and called the director’s work very complex and complex.

Cuarin shared his impressions of the painting in a conversation with The New Yorker.

According to the director, Eggers’ perfectionism allows the film to give the viewer the impression of moving into an era shown on the screen and cause a feeling similar to intoxication.

Robert Eggers is best known for “The Witch” with Anne Taylor Joy and “The Lighthouse” with William Defoe and Robert Pattinson.

The events of his new film “Varyag” take place in Iceland in the early tenth century. The world premiere of the film will take place on April 21. In Russia, the rental of “Varyag” was postponed indefinitely due to the suspension of Universal Pictures in Russia.

He also appeared earlier trailer and posters to the film.

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