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Alexei Chadov spoke candidly about Ditkowski’s betrayals

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However, Alexei does not regret living with Agnia at all. On the contrary, he warmly remembers his past family. “We have something to boast about: we have ten years of the most wonderful real life, which was based on love. We lived fully together as a couple. Confirmation of this is our beautiful son, who grew up in love and continues to bathe in this love, “said Chadov.

Naturally, the host of the show could not help but ask about the current status of Alexei. The actor said that he is in a relationship with a girl and is even ready to take the next step – to get married. But everything must go its own way.

“As soon as I realize that she is the mother of my children, it will happen in a second. For me, the institution of marriage and family is still not dead. I just want a more serious attitude to it. You see the prospect. Do you feel the fate of your person and why you met.

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