Alexandra Marinina’s book “Crib for lazy history buffs. Kings and Queens of England “was published by” Exmo “

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“What I am writing is by no means a textbook or even a textbook, it is impossible to study history from this text! But you can understand what curious twists and turns have constantly happened in the life of monarchs, to be interested in something, to dig a little deeper… And in the end to put in your head what is needed, but with pleasure, not from a stick.

Exmo Publishing House publishes a book in the genre of popular history, which is unusual for Alexandra Marina. Each chapter is the story of the reign of one of the English monarchs, from William the Conqueror to the father of the now living Queen Elizabeth II. Historical figures familiar to readers from popular novels and movies are shown as they really were. Page after page before the reader opens a picturesque and multifaceted picture of ten centuries of English history.

Alexandra Marinina has created an easy but informative book for those who like to watch TV series “About Kings”, but were not particularly interested in the political conflicts of past eras. The witty style of “Cribs for lazy history buffs” is reminiscent of a friendly conversation, and the details are memorable. After reading this book, it will be easy to understand the origins of tensions between England and France, in the name of which Jeanne d’Arc died, who and how fought among themselves during the Scarlet and White Rose War, why Queen Elizabeth I never married, and understand in a large number of Henrys and Edwards, who at different times were English kings.

This book is fascinating as an adventure novel, and rich in facts as an encyclopedia. A journey through its pages is a kind of detective and investigation of the vicissitudes of English history, bringing great pleasure to the bright characters, curious details and a deeper understanding of the classics of Shakespeare, Dumas, Walter Scott and modern series.

Alexandra Marinina is a master detective and the creator of one of the most famous characters of this genre – Anastasia Kamenskaya. In 1979 she graduated from the Law Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Since 1987 she has been analyzing and forecasting crime. In addition to popular detective novels, Alexandra Marinina has more than 30 scientific papers on crime prevention. In February 1998, she resigned as a police lieutenant colonel. Alexandra Marinina’s books have been translated into three dozen languages, and their total circulation is more than 50 million copies.

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