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According to the celebrity, fashion is a great indicator of the manners and tastes of any era. And modern times are no exception.

According to a fashion historian, a few years ago the singer Vera Brezhneva was considered a canon of beauty and the sexiest woman in Russia – a blonde with long legs, then she was replaced by hypersexual Svetlana Loboda. But now the time for long-legged beauties is over, the world needs other idols.

As reported by “7 days”, the ideal of modern beauty, according to Alexander Vasiliev, can be considered girls like actress Lyubov Aksenova. A girl whose appearance is more reminiscent of teenage parameters with slightly angular shapes, with narrow lips, high forehead and square chin, like boys, with dark short hair, massive shoulders and small breasts – this is the modern ideal, gaining strength in recent times. “I do not urge everyone to admire Lyuba Aksenova, but we simply have to recognize the new standard of female beauty and sexuality,” says Alexander Vasiliev.

Photo: legion-media.ru, legion-media.ru

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