Alentova revealed the consequences of bed scenes

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The actress played the passion too convincingly.

Vera Alentova revealed how hard it was for her to shoot in the candid scenes of the film “Envy of the Gods”. The actress agreed to undress in the frame for only two reasons: the film was directed by her husband Vladimir Menshikov, and his partner – Anatoly Lobotsky.

Alentova was not afraid to expose herself in front of him, but all because of his inner qualities and mutual sympathy:

“Tolya is an amazing partner: delicate, extremely intelligent. He also undressed in front of me, and in that sense we coincided with him. “

The actors were so convincing that the public spread rumors about their stormy novel. The press wrote that Lobotsky left his family for Alentova’s sake, which she only laughed at.

“And suddenly I find out that he really broke up with his wife, he just married another woman,” said Vera Valentinovna.

The actress also shared that after the premiere of the film, fans flooded her with letters, and not all of them were of decent content.

“We have different men, not everyone is intelligent,” Alentova said.

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