Alena Vodonaeva stated that she would not leave Russia because of the situation in Ukraine

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Meanwhile, some stars flew on vacation with their families.

Elena Vodonaeva. Photo: Global Look Press

On March 4, popular model and TV personality Alena Vodonaeva spoke about her show business colleagues who went abroad during a special operation in Ukraine – on vacation or for other reasons.

“Many public figures” took the children on vacation “at this time. Urgently needed! I’m not flying anywhere. I stay. This is my home. My son. My family. My cat. My business and the team for which I am responsible.

My employees will not go anywhere, because there is nowhere to go, and they need to earn. And I can’t leave them. This is my life and this is my choice. Maybe I’ll regret it. But today I choose so “, – the star of” House-2 “wrote Instagram.

Alena also complained about harassment on social networks on national grounds. According to the star, she received many insults just because she is Russian.

Vodonaeva was surprised that it seemed that the world had recently united around the anti-racist movement Black Lives Matter, and today she is choking on Russophobia.

“We are born where we are born and we are citizens of the country in which we live. And that’s how most of you live, no matter what part of the world you are in. But one day you are “given the right” to hate – and you do. Simply because you decide to forget that we are all human beings, ”said the Russian celebrity.

We will remind that quite recently Vodonaeva was on other continent – on shootings of the second season of show “Stars in Africa”.

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