Alena Rapunzel shared a photo with her husband and sons. Photo

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Alena Rapunzel, a former member of Doma-2, demonstrates that their relationship with Ilya Semin is a complete idyll.

Alena Rapunzel on a walk with her sons. Photo: social networks

So far, Alena’s former chosen one Rapunzel Maxim Kolesnikov experiences a love drama and divorces Nastya Stetsevyat, she demonstrates an idyll with her husband.

Alena Rapunzel shared in the microblog photos she took during a family walk.

Alena Rapunzel went to the promenade with her sons and husband Ilya Semin. Judging by the positive photos, all four are very well together. The couple was constantly having fun, and in the pauses merged in a kiss.

Alena Rapunzel with her husband and sons
Alena Rapunzel with her husband and sons. Photo: social networks

“Now we do not go beyond our home – the road is difficult for us. The little one sleeps in the car, Bodyu sick there forever. And to order two seats in a taxi is to wait 1.5 hours. It doesn’t fit in a small family, you have to order a big one forever. In short, we are walking on foot, “Alena Rapunzel wrote under the photo.

We will remind, Alena Rapunzel married Ilya Semin on September 3. The day after Maxim Kolesnikov and Nastya Stetsevyat became husband and wife.

And now Alena has taken revenge – Kolesnikov’s relationship is destroyed, and Rapunzel is fine. At least in the photo.

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