Alena Babenko suddenly quarreled with her Russophobic son living in Georgia

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Theater and film star, 50-year-old Alena Babenko has been married twice. The actress gave birth to a son from her first husband, director Vitaly Babenko. Nikita will be 30 years old this year.

The heir followed in his parents’ footsteps and chose a creative profession, trained as a cameraman at VGIK, connected his life with a girl of Georgian origin and moved to Tbilisi. The couple had a son, Theodore.

Everything would be fine, but there are some differences between mother and son. As he writes “Express newspaper”the only heir of Babenko is not very sympathetic to the Russian government and actively speaks on social media with propaganda statements.

Naturally, the star mother, a patriot of Russia to the core, does not accept such behavior. Journalists of the publication claim that Alena Babenko suddenly quarreled with her son.

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