Alcohol on Korean TV: is it really too much?

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As alcohol use has become widespread on television, some concerned viewers and experts are wondering whether there are too many drinking scenes in dramas and entertainment shows.

The increase in booze demonstrations on TV may reflect a desire to show more realistic things.

In the show from Netflix «Paik’s SpiritReleased last October, culinary star Pack Chon Won and celebrities discuss life over intoxicating food. Han Ji Minwho appeared as a guest in the second episode, later said in an interview that she felt less pressured while drinking in front of the camera on the show.

“I wouldn’t have dared to appear on the show if it had been broadcast on one of the three major broadcasters. But because it’s an OTT platform, I felt I could be more true to myself, “she said Han Ji Min.

The revolution of OTT and cable television changed the perception of alcohol. In the drama Tving «Work later, drink now“, The second season of which will be released this year, tells the story of three girlfriends who hang out at the bar every day.

«Drunkenness harms the body, but you may want to drink and relax a little at least once in your life. No one has a perfect life“Said the playwright Vi So Yon.

Alcohol is the central theme in several shows currently broadcast.

In the talk show iHQ «Drinking Friends“, Which began in December last year, celebrities share life lessons, drinking with guests.

In the MBC show “Local Table“, Which began in February, celebrities travel, drink and eat local food.

The Korean Institute for Health Promotion has studied 219 of the most-watched doras and 438 popular reality shows of 2021. There were an average of 2.3 scenes with alcohol in each episode.

The institute claimed that images of alcohol consumed in dramas and shows had a significant impact on viewers. A large number of scenes with people drinking increases the social acceptability of alcohol consumption and increases the craving for alcohol.

According to a survey conducted by the institute, 47% of 1,057 respondents aged 20 to 64 said they had a desire to drink after watching a scene with a drink on TV.

«Images of drunkenness are gaining popularity on OTT platforms and social media because they impose fewer restrictions. Alcohol use scenes can romanticize or encourage drunkenness and are often associated with obscene or violent content.“He said Kang Chan Bomofficial representative of the Korean Institute for Health Promotion.

According to the research group, state intervention through public policy is needed. «Right now, government policies to reduce the negative effects of alcohol use are aimed at changing public opinion about alcohol abuse. The government must intervene to regulate the inappropriate image of drunkenness in the media“, – he added Kang Chan Bom.

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