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Ekaterinburg (then Sverdlovsk) became the birthplace of Albert Leonidovich Filozov, where the future artist was born on June 25, 1937. Childhood came during the war, apparently influencing the incredible diligence and love for the life of Filozov, who devoted his entire life to film – and theatrical art, living his roles, teaching in them by all 200%.

After graduating from school, young Albert decides to become a turner in the factory production of ball bearings. Perhaps his biography would have been limited to the factory profession, if not for the sudden love of theater and luck. In 1955, the popular Moscow Art Theater Theater came to Sverdlovsk on tour. And, having appeared on several performances, Albert Filozov was fascinated, fascinated by the performance of artists. He fell in love with theater forever and decided to become an artist. Especially since during the tour there is a set of people wishing to study at the capital’s School-Studio.

Filozov easily entered the Moscow Art Theater, getting to the brilliant teacher Victor Stantsin. After that, the young artist begins to conquer theatrical scenes. 1959 was the beginning of his creative path, the starting point was the Stanislavsky Theater, to which he returned after serving in the army and trying himself on the stage of the Yermolova Theater. During the period from 1959 to 1989, Filozov managed to play in numerous theatrical productions, to embody deep and interesting images, including in “Vassa Zheleznova” and “The Young Man’s Adult Daughter”.

In 1989, the School of Modern Play opened in Moscow, the brainchild of Albert Filozov, Lyubov Polishchuk, and Joseph Reichelhaus. It was here that the artist managed to play in many bright productions, he dedicated his life to this theater, continuing to go on stage while he had the strength. “Hello, Don Quixote!”, “A man came to a woman”, “Star Disease” – in these and many other productions Filozov revealed himself, showing the audience something new, unknown, taking off layer after layer. This also applies to his directorial works – theatrical productions “2×2 = 5”, “Suicide of lovers on the island of heavenly networks”, which caused constant success even among the most sophisticated theatergoers.

In addition to a brilliant theatrical career, Albert Filozov managed to act in films, creating vivid images there, despite the roles of ordinary people, who more often got to him. The brilliant performance of a weak-willed husband, broken by an overly practical wife and a stern boss in the drama “Night Fun”, is always admired when watching. Albert Filozov’s filmography includes more than 100 roles, many of which allowed the artist to fully reveal himself, to demonstrate his true talent, coming from the heart, the soul. “You never dreamed”, “Mary Poppins, goodbye!”, “Tehran-43”, “The Man from the Boulevard of the Capuchins” – people are always happy to watch these and other movies, remember them, including thanks to the bright play of Albert Филозова.

Despite his busy schedule and his health, he continued to go on stage and act, giving his all. He also managed to make a bright mark in the cinema of modern Russia, embodying bright and unusual images in such multi-series films as “Odessa-Mother”, “In the First Circle”, “Death to Spies” and other films.

In addition to acting, Filozov managed to embody himself as a brilliant and talented teacher. In the 1990s, he taught acting at the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography, then transferred to the Russian Academy of Theater Arts. And here Filozov managed to bring up young artists, many of whom continue to shine on the stage now, continuing the work of a teacher.

On April 11, 2016, Albert Filozov passed away. He lived a long and brilliant life, achieved the titles of Honored and People’s Artist, received popular recognition and love, leaving in his memory bright movie roles, students and followers, managed to make this world better, thanks to his skill and talent.

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