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Aiza explained why she did not give birth to Oleg Miami – Rambler / female

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Aiza-Liluna Ai admitted on the air of the program “Detector” on the channel “Friday!”, That she was pregnant by singer Oleg Miami. But she decided not to keep the pregnancy and had an abortion in the second month. According to Isa, she was afraid that she would have to support another child alone. After all, Aiza is already raising two sons.

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“It’s very scary to give birth to a third beggar. Then I will have three poor ex-husbands and three children. This means that my work will increase even more and I will not be able to stand it, “she stressed.

In addition, Aiza recalled the conflict with Julia Baranovskaya. So, she told the host of the show that she considers herself much better than Baranovskaya:

“Because I am a smart, educated, well-read, deep, meaningful, aware and adequate, healthy, without bad habits woman.”

While Baranovskaya, on the contrary, does not have these qualities.

“She does not know anything. Only shouting on television – that’s all, “- said Aiza.

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