Aiza completely undressed in front of the camera and posted a spicy video on the Web

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A few years ago, a blogger published a photo without underwear in close-up, and then regretted it for a long time.

Popular blogger Aiza-Liluna Ai (formerly Dolmatova) repeats last year’s mistakes. Two years ago, she showed the whole country her “dumpling” in close-up, and now, the day before, she appeared in front of a mirror completely naked. The star posted a spicy video on social media. However, I soon removed it from public access, but the Internet remembers everything.

The published footage shows that Aiza is in semi-darkness. She leaned back on the couch and spread her legs. After a couple of seconds, the blogger began to satisfy himself on camera and stroke the intimate place. All this was accompanied by a languid breath. Soon, the TV came to her senses and quickly tried to “cover the tracks” by deleting the publication. However, screenshots of the video have already spread on the Internet.

“It’s time to delete Instagram *. And then my personal life will never get better, ”Dolmatova later commented on the video.

Perhaps, with this statement, the girl wanted to say that she accidentally published her home video or intended only for a certain group of people. After all, a few years ago, according to Aiza, this was the case. Then a close-up photo of her intimate place suddenly appeared on Dolmatova’s social network, but later the blogger explained that she wanted to send it to a young man, but pressed the wrong button. However, this time the star managed to apply a filter on the video and cover the spicy place with a coconut smile. Therefore, the situation is more like a well-thought-out hype than coincidence.

By the way, most suspect that in the latest video Aiza was in a nude bikini. No wonder there was a dark light and it was difficult to see anything. But the blogger’s most loyal viewers are convinced that she has nothing to lose, so she undressed completely.

Aiza-Liluna Ai

It should be noted that for the antics of Guf’s ex-wife, not only she, but also the rapper’s newlywed wife – Julia. The girl is now in the last months of pregnancy, but this did not stop the haters from “flooding” her with direct screenshots of Aiza’s intimate video.

Whoever sends me this “s *** ualnoe” video directly – the homeless man fucked him! Why are you doing this? And here I am? ”Dolmatov’s wife angrily addressed her subscribers.

Guf and his wife Julia

We will remind that the TV presenter more than once during the career got into curious situations. In this case, she is ashamed only in front of her children – she is raising two sons: Sam from rapper Guf and Elvis from surfer Dmitry Anokhin. The eldest son is already aware of his mother’s shameful stories, as well about draining the photo of “dumplings” she did tell him herself.

“My son wonders what kind of mother he has. He knows that I showed my pi ** ku on the Web. I told him myself: “Sam, your mother is a complete loser, you know that!” The son is just very tough, but he is aware, smart. It feels like I’m talking to a 40-year-old man. He is super-adequate, but he is shocked that he has such a mom and dad, ”Aiza shared on the show“ Question by the Edge ”.

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