Aigul Mukei v. Diana Kyrykbay: “She has a lot of mats, she needs to be more modest”

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Well-known TV presenter Aigul MUKEY expressed her negative opinion about the popular TV presenter and her relative Diana KYRYKBAY. Aigul believes that Diana needs to be more restrained and once again not to provoke the audience with his outrageous statements, reports Express K.

From April 18 on “Seventh Channel” launched a new project. In the interactive talk show SanTaram, viewers receive a free consultation from numerologists and psychologists live. From today, one of the presenters will be Diana KYRYKBAY, who, as you know, will not go for the word.

Diana Kyrykbay /

Diana Kyrykbay /

Upon learning that Diana will host such a show on the Republican channel, her senior colleague Aigul MUKEY said that she did not agree that Diana should apply for a place on the air.

For those who are unaware, Aigul MUKEY and DIANA KYRYKBAY are relatives. Diana’s mother is Aunt Aigul. But even family ties did not help the young blogger avoid criticism.

Aigul Mukei / Mukei /

Aigul Mukei /

“I don’t agree that she was put in charge. Although she is my sister, I treat her harshly and criticize her. For example, she is bold in her statements. She recently said that a couple should be chosen to suit her. Supposedly ordinary guys. She doesn’t like it. She has a lot of mats, statements on the verge of a foul about Eneshek. Although I tell her to be more modest in her videos in “TikTok”, she replies that relatives do not sit in “TikTok”. can transmit “, Aigul MUKEY commented.

The SanTaram talk show is broadcast live on Channel Seven from April 18 every weekday, Monday through Friday, at 1 p.m.

Anyone can get advice from a professional numerologist and psychologist. You can contact the experts through the official account of the project on Instagram @ Santaram.tv7, by phone+7 7172 47 68 07 or on WhatsApp +7 778 990 4165.

Diana KYRYKBAY also shared the most effective ways to conquer men.

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