Age is not a hindrance: Lolita’s weight loss methods have been approved by a psychologist

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The celebrity came to a stable weight only at the age of 56.

Lolita Miliavskaya, the singer of the hit “Orientation North”, has been suffering from excess weight for a long time. Most recently, she managed to solve this problem.

Creative crises brought the singer to a sharp increase in weight. Lolita was often out of shape, but after a month of working with a psychologist, all her acquired fears passed, and she achieved stability and balance in the body. The star did her inner work and got rid of the fear of living alone.

Psychologist Marina Soldatenkova told the PopCornNews portal that it will be very difficult to achieve weight loss results without motivation and the realization that only a person who seeks help needs it.

“A psychologist establishes a causal relationship, being overweight is a consequence, and the person himself often does not see the cause and resorts to diets or pills. People often get stuck [стресс]because now this is the most affordable way. A specialist can help to understand that such behavior compensates a person, show its mechanism and break the insidious chain. And age is not important in this matter, the main desire is to change, “she said Marina Soldatenkova.

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