Agatha Mutseniece showed what she feeds her children

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This dish is very easy to prepare.

Agatha Mutseniece tries to monitor the nutrition of her children. The other day the actress posted a video of the family dinner on her microblog. The son and daughter of the actress are happy to eat okroshka.

“Tim, everyone in the house okroshku, yes? Delicious! ” – Agatha turned to her son.

In a conversation with PopCornNews chef Anton Salnikov told how you can make this simple dish even tastier:

“The secret of okroshka in the gas station. It is necessary to choose light sour kvass. We also add grated boiled yolk to the kvass, which gives saturation and density. And also add horseradish and salt. This gives a sharp edge. The ingredients should be cut in the same way. ”

Photo source: Legion-Media

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