Agatha Christie’s books will be temporarily unavailable on Storytel due to termination

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Agatha Christie’s books will temporarily disappear from the Storytel library due to the termination of the rights holder’s rights. About this RIA Novosti reported in the press service of the service.

“We are a platform for hosting content from different rights holders. The rights expire temporarily, then the books are returned – this is common practice, but we need to notify users, we always do this and notify all books,” Storytel explained.

A number of telegram channels have previously stated that Agatha Christie’s books will temporarily disappear from Storytel at the request of its copyright holder on April 10.

Earlier it was reported that the digital version of a series of books by British writer Joan Rowling about Harry Potter will be unavailable to users of the Russian book service “Liters”. Relevant notification service did to users on April 6.

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