After the divorce, Salibekov showed a photo with Gobozov and Kuzin

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Former members of “House-2”, divorced fathers spent time together.

Tigran Salibekov with his son Bagrat. Photo: social networks

Former members of “House-2” Tigran and Julia Salibekovs are in a state of divorce.

The other day the court decided that Tigran would pay forty thousand alimony every month for the maintenance of three sons – Eldar, Roland and Bagrat.

The other day Tigran Salibekov met with his unfortunate comrades – divorced ex-members of “House-2” Sasha Gobozov and Zhenya Kuzin. Gobozov has a son Robert from his marriage to Aliana Ustinenko, Kuzin has two children – a son Mitya from Rita Agibalova and a daughter from Sasha Artemova.

Selfie in the company of Gobozov and Kuzin Salibekov shared on the microblog.

Tigran Salibekov, Sasha Gobozov and Zhenya Kuzin
Tigran Salibekov, Sasha Gobozov and Zhenya Kuzin. Photo: social networks.

“Alimony payers,” Tigran Salibekov signed the frame.

Tigran Salibekov’s audience immediately rushed to report him for this phrase.

“Oh, what a pride… I feel sorry for you”, “I found something to brag about”, “I found something to be proud of”. It would be better to write “fathers”. At least some of you are fathers, ”they said on the Internet.

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