After “Godzilla vs. Congo”, “Son of Congo” was completely merged

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Godzilla v. Congo

New information has appeared on the Internet, revealing the new film “Godzilla v. Congo 2”, which will be a sequel to the recent action movie “Godzilla v. Congo” and will be renamed.

In 2021, the film “Godzilla vs. Congo” was released, in which viewers saw the confrontation between the two most iconic and famous monsters. After the release of this picture, the future of the movie universe of monsters had no certainty, but recently new information appeared on the Internet that the work is a sequel. Now it has also become known that the sequel to “Godzilla v. Congo” has the working title “Son of Congo” and not “Godzilla v. Congo 2”, as viewers might think. It is also noted that director Adam Wingard, who made the film “Godzilla v. Congo”, may return to directing a new film.

At the moment, the details of the film “Son of Kong” are unknown. It is unclear whether Godzilla and Kong will return to the film immediately, and whether they will continue to exchange blows. It is possible that the film “Son of Kong” will be entirely devoted only to Kong and Hollow Earth, which became known in the last film. It is worth noting that earlier the director Adam Wingard himself stated that with the Hollow Earth you can shoot a lot of material and show new monsters in the movie “Godzilla vs. Congo 2”. It is possible that Kong and his son will face new monsters in the new film.

Godzilla v. Congo was released on March 25, 2021. Its sequel, The Son of Congo, doesn’t even have an approximate release date.

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