After “Avengers Final”, the first footage of Skrull’s new Marvel movie leaked online

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The first footage of Skrull from the new film leaked to the Internet Marvel with Emilia Clarke and Samuel L. Jackson in the lead roles, the plot of which develops after the events of “Avengers Finale”.

The mystery surrounding the upcoming project Marvel Studios and Disney’s “Secret Invasion” (Secret Invasion) is gradually being dispelled and new footage has leaked to the network from the set of the upcoming series, which takes place after the movie “Avengers: Finale”. In the leaked footage of the series “Secret Invasion” with Emilia Clarke (Emilia Clarke) and Samuel L. Jackson (Samuel L. Jackson), you can see Skrull who is wearing makeup. The new footage also shows a damaged police car, various underwater scenery and footage from the forest. Despite numerous leaks of the future series “Secret Invasion”, fans still do not know in which direction the plot will develop. Earlier, footage taken in Moscow during the celebration of the Day of National Unity, which shows the consequences of an explosion and the star of the series “Game of Thrones” Emilia Clarke, leaked to the Internet. Fans in the new merged shots considered the similarity of Skrull, who is being made up, to actress Emilia Clarke and revealed one of the main secrets of the future series “Secret Invasion”.

Marvel fans are confident that the new “Secret Invasion” series, which takes place after the events of “Avengers: Finale”, will shake the MCU (“Marvel Cinematic Universe”), as each character has a chance to be a Scrull. The new series “Secret Invasion” will tell how the director of the secret organization SHIELD Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, and his deputy Maria Hill, played by Cobie Smulders, try to stop the Skrulls, who secretly infiltrated to Earth. To do this, Nick Fury will reunite with Skrull Talos from the blockbuster “Captain Marvel” starring Bree Larson. The role of Emilia Clarke, who debuted at MCU, is not yet known, but Marvel fans believe that the actress will be the main Scrull-villain of the upcoming series “Secret Invasion”.

As the filming of “Secret Invasion”, the plot of which develops after “Avengers Finale”, is still ongoing, fans of the Marvel movie universe can expect new leaks related to the series. “Secret Invasion” The invasion is being prepared for release at the end of 2022, exclusively on the Disney + streaming service. However, given that the filming of the series is still ongoing, fans suggest that the new Marvel series “Secret Invasion” with Emilia Clarke and Samuel L. Jackson will be released in 2023.

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