“Affected liver, head, kidneys”: the star of “Youth” and “Ischeika” is fighting for his daughter’s life

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The 58-year-old actress’ daughter suffered a severe coronavirus infection. Ksenia needs serious treatment, because almost all her organs are affected.

“Times are hard for everyone, everyone has forgotten about kovid, they have removed the mask regime, but, unfortunately, the disease does not recede… and my family is not a terrible disease. In our country, almost no one knows about the concept of long covid, although such a disease is officially recognized in Europe, it is when a person is ill in a mild form, but its consequences are devastating for the whole body, when the autoimmune system fails and kovid begins to beat all organs with different strength and in different sequence, but affects all body systems – liver, head, kidneys, when a young person has signs of memory loss, cognitive impairment, signs of senile dementia, renal failure, infectious hepatitis. The worst thing is that our doctors are not familiar with this diagnosis, but begin to treat each organ separately, “Nelli Vladimirovna wrote on social networks.

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For almost six months, a terrible illness has not let go of the heiress of the artist. “During the five months of her illness, her daughter was hospitalized in nine different departments and hospitals, collecting the remnants of her autoimmune system. And there is still a long recovery! She is exhausted and exhausted, but she is trying to fight. It will be very difficult to recover without the help of doctors, “the star of the series added.

The Selezneva-Nevedina family is not able to pay for the specialists who would put Ksenia on her feet. Seeing no other way out, Nellie Vladimirovna turned to the indifferent for help.

“Now the official medicine solves the problem of acute conditions, and such patients are taken for rehabilitation only paid clinics, a lot of money has already been invested, but it is necessary to continue treatment, so if suddenly one of my friends and acquaintances could help me, I would be very I am grateful and grateful to everyone. We need money. Unfortunately, I never had to ask for anyone’s help in my life, ”the actress said.

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We will remind, Selezneva-Nevedina acted in more than 80 pictures. Behind her shoulders are roles in such projects as “Youth”, “Sniper”, “Girls with Makarov”, “Mothers of Champions”, “You all make me mad”.

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