Actress Yun Yo John complained to her manager Lee So Jin in the teaser of the reality TV show “Youn’s Unexpected Journey”

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«Youn’s Unexpected Journey“- a show produced On He Juice and Shin Hyo Johnwhich accompanies the veteran actress Yoon Yo John on the way to Los Angeles to attend the 94th Awards Ceremony Oscar. The actress became the first Korean woman in history to receive Oscar for “Best Supporting Actress” in 2021, was again invited to the Oscars as a presenter.

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For this trip Yoon Yo John decided to seek help from a special manager. However, the manager presented to her did not seem to meet her standards, as she kindly commented: “Why did you choose this guy as my manager? You guys have made such a strange decision. You chose him only because of his appearance».

Meanwhile, an impromptu manager Yoon Yo John was none other than an actor Lee So Jin. He was very pleased with his trip to the West Coast and even joked: “I just came here to hang out».

You will be able to watch the tvN show «Youn’s Unexpected Journey“, Which will air on May 8 at 22:50 (KST)! If you missed the first reality teaser, check it out below.

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