Actress Vera Alentova allowed the shooting of the sequel to the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”

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A sequel to the famous Soviet film “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears”, shot by Vladimir Menshov in 1979, may be released. This assumption was made by the actress and widow of the director Vera Alentova, who played the role of Catherine. In her opinion, the sequel will arouse the interest of Russians and they will definitely go to the premiere.

“Just out of curiosity. Just like they watched ‘Irony of Fate-2.’explained she is in an interview with “Kinoafishe”.

Alentova is sure that it is impossible to count on the fact that in the sequel it will be possible to see the former star cast in the sequel. After all, the film should be aimed at young audiences, which means that the bet will be made on modern film idols. According to the artist, everything rests on funding.

If it is profitable for the producers to release the second part, it will happen“, – she summed up.

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