Actress Chulpan Khamatova suspected of fraud with Russian state money

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A chain of mysterious coincidences indicates that Russian actress Chulpan Khamatova, who fled to Latvia, bought real estate in the Baltic republic at the expense of Russia’s budget. This conclusion, based on relevant documents, was made by Russian journalist Edward Chesnokov in a comment to the analytical portal RuBaltic.Ru.

Chesnokov found out that since 2012, Mayakovsky LLC, co-founded by Khamatova, has received about 100 million rubles from the Russian Ministry of Culture, the Film Foundation and other sponsors. Then, at the turn of 2020-2021, one million euros were withdrawn from the company, after which Khamatova left for the Latvian landromat.

“Only professional auditors and investigative bodies will be able to talk about the” withdrawal of funds “- if, of course, they are interested in this story. Only after analyzing the public financial statements, I noticed a chain of mysterious coincidences: the reduction of balance sheet assets of the family firm Khamatova-Stein by about a million euros – and its final departure to Latvia, which is also one of the largest landromats – centers of withdrawal and money laundering in the post-Soviet space “, – the journalist noted.

In addition, he stressed that in the last 4 years alone, Chulpan Khamatova, through her individual entrepreneur, has won state contracts for about 7 million rubles – mainly for roles in the Theater of Nations and the Gogol Center.

“Technically, the amount won was almost twice as much, but the execution of a number of contracts was terminated and, probably, the money for them was not paid to the performer in full. This is not counting the fees for numerous high-budget film projects – “Zuleikha” or the same film “VMayakovsky”. So yes, it is quite possible to say: directly or indirectly, the source of Khamatova’s well-being is Russian state money, ”Chesnokov summed up.

Earlier, Khamatov was suspected of multiplying her capital by scrolling through the bank accounts donated to the “Give Life” fund, instead of spending money for its intended purpose – for the needs of sick children.

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