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Actress Alexander Nazarov left a rich legacy to her orphaned granddaughter before her death

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A friend of the now deceased star of the series “My beautiful babysitter” told how her heiress lives

Actress Alexander Nazarov died in 2019 at the age of 79. Until the very last day, the actress tried to earn a penny for her only orphan granddaughter. IN Sasha there was neither father nor mother. The grandmother took her from the baby’s house and became the main support for the girl.

Alexandra Nazarova’s only granddaughter recently turned 13. Now Sasha is studying in a cadet boarding school.

“Sasha is fine, she is studying, everything happens. Engaged in swimming, interested in fencing. The girl is growing up and I want to see what she will be like. I hope I will live to see this. “, – Nazarova’s closest friend argues. The actress went on stage to the last and starred in movies. She needed to raise her granddaughter, take care of her future. Most of all, Alexandra Ivanovna was afraid of not having time to put Sasha on her feet, to leave her without an apartment and money.

Alexander Nazarov with his granddaughter Sasha in 2014. Photo: frame from the program “Let them talk”

When the star of the series “My beautiful babysitter” died, her granddaughter was only 10 years old. Sasha became the guardian of the orphaned Sasha Yuri Mikhailovthe second husband of the actress, and niece Hope.

Nazarova was able to leave her granddaughter a rich legacy. “All the apartments that Sasha bequeathed are waiting for the hostess. Nobody lives there, they are not rented out. Only the guardians come and make sure that everything is in order, that nothing happens to the plumbing with taps and pipes. “– quotes Enahat Bagirov

In addition, the grandmother bequeathed a dacha and a car to her beloved granddaughter. So the girl is secured.

Main PHOTO: Global Look Press

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