Actors who cut their salaries to save their films

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The benefits of becoming a Hollywood star are obvious. You make a lot of money in addition to being a celebrity. Although a role in a multi-budget Hollywood film usually involves a large salary, in some cases it is not. Sometimes actors are even willing to cut their fees if it allows them to reduce the cost of the film. Here is a list of actors who gave up part of their salary to save their films:

1. Jonah Hill

Working with Martin Scorsese was more important to Hill than making a fortune. Hill reportedly told The Howard Stern Show: “I would sell my house and give him all my money to work on it.” As a result, when the opportunity arose to star in The Wolf of Wall Street, Hill agreed to the role, despite being offered a very low sum of money. The risk, however, eventually paid off as Wolf Wall Street became Hill’s most famous film.

2. Keanu Reeves

This humble actor has emphasized countless times that money does not entice him at all, and is one of the actors who went on to reduce salaries in several films. For example, Keanu gave most of his salary for the “Matrix” to the team for visual effects. In another case of financial compromise, Reeves decided to significantly reduce the salary for the role of “Devil’s Advocate” so that the studio could hire Al Pacino.

3. Johnny Depp

Production of The Lone Ranger began in 2002 and has faced a variety of challenges, including budget difficulties, delays, and numerous script edits. Even after Armi Hammer and Johnny Depp were invited to star, there were difficulties in working on the film. Because of these constant failures, Johnny Depp became one of the actors whose salary was reduced, along with Army Hammer and director Gore Verbinski. He gladly agreed to a 20% pay cut to help the film get back on track.

4. Angelina Jolie

Jolie is one of the best actresses in Hollywood, her typical fee is from 15 to 20 million dollars. However, sometimes she is ready to go for “trump-free deals”, in which she is paid much less. For example, in 2007 she agreed to a pay cut for Paramount’s 3D animated film Beowulf. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she earned only $ 8 million.

5. George Clooney

It’s hard to believe that a well-deserved actor like George Clooney would agree to less money for a film, but it happened. For his passionate project “Good night and good luck”, the actor received only 120,000 dollars. Fortunately, Clooney’s financial sacrifices were not in vain, as the film received critical acclaim. He also received six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

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