Actor Will Smith punches Oscar host Chris Rock in the face for a joke about his wife (video)

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Yesterday, March 28

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There was a live scandal in the United States at the Oscars. Actor Will Smith reacted harshly to the joke of the host of the ceremony, comedian Chris Rock, over his wife.

Will Smith and Jada-Pinkett-Smith, photo

Judging by the video, Chris Rock announced the contenders in the category of “Best Documentary”.

During his speech, he joked about the short haircut of Jada-Pinkett-Smith, Will Smith’s wife. He hinted at the problem of Jada’s hair loss, comparing it to Demi Moore’s shaved hair in “Soldier Jane.”

“I love you, Jada, I can’t wait to see you in” Soldier Jane 2 “said Chris Rock.

At first Smith smiled at the joke with the audience, but then he saw the expression on his wife’s face. Smith then took the stage and slapped Chris Rock.

There is a storyboard of this moment on social networks.

After the incident, Chris Rock tried to make a joke, but Smith said from the hall: “Don’t you dare say her name and shut up.”.

In response, Chris Rock said: “It was the greatest night in the history of television” – and the ceremony continued as before. “

By the way, Will Smith himself won an Oscar at the ceremony for his starring role in the film “King Richard”.


After receiving the award on stage, Will Smith cried and apologized for the emotional act, saying: “In this business, you have to let people disrespect you, smile like it’s normal.”

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