Actor from “Matchmakers” and “Return of Mukhtar” brutally killed

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Urgent message from Kiev: actor and stuntman Vladimir Strokan was brutally killed in the Ukrainian capital. The other day the man celebrated his 64th birthday. Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports on the man’s death, citing reports from its own sources. Similar information appears on social networks. Details of what happened are not yet reported.

According to the resource “”, Strokan was born on March 2, 1958, and made his film debut in 1975. The man was a professional stuntman, a backup in many Soviet films. In addition, as an actor, he managed to act in such works as “Return of Mukhtar”, “Brother for Brother”, “Working on Mistakes”, “Phoenix Ashes”, “Matchmaker” and many others. In total, he took part in 46 projects for film and television, both in Russia and in Ukraine and other post-Soviet republics.

Now Vladimir Strokan’s Russian colleagues are trying to contact his relatives in Kiev and understand what happened. So far, the information is extremely scarce, and we will inform readers as soon as any additional information becomes available. The Express Gazeta editorial office expresses its deepest condolences to Strokan’s family and friends.

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