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Actor Boris Sokolov from “Streets of Broken Lanterns” has died

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He was called “a brilliant performer of the heroes of his time.”

“He was very much loved in the theater – for his great humor, for his powerful talent, for his kindness, calmness and warmth. His latest performance is the lyrical tragicomedy “With You and Without You,” where Sokolov played the strong and gentle Sam, “the obituary says.

Boris Sokolov made his debut in Kiev at the age of 20. He studied at the Moscow GITIS. AV Lunacharsky. He served at the Russian Drama Theater in Riga, at the Lenin Komsomol Theater in Moscow. In the theater. V.F. Commissar began working in 1977.

Sokolov’s most famous films were roles in the films “The Star of Captivating Happiness”, “Trees Die Standing”, “Prohindiada, or Running on the Spot”, “Dog’s Heart”, the series “Streets of Broken Lanterns” and “Streets of Broken Lanterns-4”. “Secrets of Investigation-4”, “Killing Force 6”, “Opera”. Chronicles of the Slaughter Department-2 “and others.

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